Important Deadline

For all school orders we have a deadline of 30 JULY. All order must be placed before this to make sure of delivery before the school term starts again.

We will still produce all uniforms through out the year and have a 1-2 week turnaround after August 21st.


If you are unsure of the sizes we now are open for fitting, BUT you must make an appointment first,

No on the spot fitting will be allowed under any circumstances.

Please phone us during office hours to make an appointment.

T Shirt Rack


Quality and Affordability

Welcome to our online store.



Please note.   Before you order your clothing check and double check the sizing and your order. For Blazers please allow for the child's growth and a winter jumper. If you are at all unsure or need any help please feel free to call us during office hours. We are now open for trying on garments, Please call us to make an appointment to try on garments in our safe area, in accordance with government guidelines.  If you have any questions please feel free to call or message us with your request